About Us

Things you might like to know…

Sussex Vineyards is a small family business owned and run by us: Gerard and Jonica Fox. We’ve been growing vines since 2004 and producing wine since 2009. Since then we have expanded from our first vineyard (Hobdens) to a second larger vineyard (Lakestreet), whilst remaining true to our first love: making top quality Sparkling Wines with a unique English twist.

With nearly a decade as grower-producers under our belt we find that we are constantly learning and putting new ideas to work – especially in the vineyards where every season has its challenges and our constant goal is to grow the best quality grapes possible.

In the winery, we’re more traditional: we aim for cool fermentations and minimal manipulation to create wines that speak of their vintage and cool climate East Sussex origins.

We haven’t done all of this on our own. We are privileged to work with a skilled and highly talented team, which we have assembled over the years and who work with us at every stage of growing our vines and making our wines.

We love wine, all wine and spend a lot of time tasting and thinking about sparkling wine in all its glorious forms.

Our wines are the result of that critical evaluation and our desire to create interesting and delicious wines for wine lovers and occasional drinkers alike.

Welcome to Sussex Vineyards, we hope you enjoy our wines.

Jonica Fox
BSc (Hons) Viticulture & Oenology
Gerard Fox