Wines to look forward to


Mayfield Midnight Brut Rosé 2011   (Releasing 2015 )

In 2011 we pushed the colour in our saignée rosé to a seductively darker rosé creating a dry wine of great style and charm.  Its been sitting on  it’s lees since February 2012 gaining complexity and  depth.  There’s a very subtle touch of oak that adds to its richness and character.

Mayfield Blanc de blancs 2011

This was the year of the Chardonnay for us. Ripe, luscious, perfect, so good there was only one thing to do: make a pure Chardonnay blanc de blancs to celebrate grapes of such perfection.  We are leaving this wine on its less a while longer, each time we taste it.  It just gets better so we are giving it the time it deserves to reach its peak.  There’s only 500 bottles of it so make sure you join our Members Circle for advance news of its release.  It’s delicious. That’s all we’re saying.


We didn’t pick a single grape – they weren’t up to our exacting standards after particularly tricky weather that year. No grapes so no wine.  We still believe it was the right decision.


Mayfield Expression Brut Rosé 2013

A return to our single vineyard (Hobdens) saignée rosé cuvée with all the lovely characteristics of the 2009 and 2010 vintages.  This is the first time we have used a Malolactic fermentation to round out the flavours and balance the wine so that it maintains the high standards set by its predecessor vintages.

Mayfield Blanc de Noir 2013

If 2011 was a Chardonnay year, 2013 favoured the Pinot noir.  Long, slow ripening delivered mouth-watering flavours in the grapes, captured here in our minerally, pure Blanc de Noir.  We want to add the honeyed brioche notes of lees aging by letting the 1,000 bottles rest in the cellar for a while. 

Mayfield Inspiration 2013

Lakestreet Vineyard produced lovely fruit in its first productive year, so good we were inspired to create a unique blend of our white grapes from two parcels within the Hawk Field to make this superb fizz. On lees since January 2014 and developing into a white fizz with real promise. 

Mayfield 1703 Blush Rosé 2013

Our only blend so far, using grapes from both vineyards to create a lighter rosé – perfect any moment of the day that’s just made better by bubbly.  Its sitting quietly in the cellar and we’ll taste it again next year but we think this will be a fizz that will be at its best young and fresh.  At our first tasting after blending it was subtly raspberry flavoured  with an uplifting Morello cherry hint on the finish.